Plantynet tries to give back corporate growth to society for a well-off society.
Background Music (BGM) Service Donation

Plantynet sponsors  background music (BGM) services to public and non-commercial companies and organizations.

It is the background music (BGM) service’s talent donation activity which produces music channels tailored to the characteristics and environment of social organizations, and also supports sound equipment such as PCs, set-top players and speakers.

We are trying to create a warm space with music for visitors to welfare centers such as the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, the Holt Children’s Welfare Association, and the SOS children’s Village in Seoul.


Providing opportunities for youth career path and business experience

Plantynet participates in the Youth Care Foundation, a youth career and professional experience project organized by the Seongnam Youth Foundation, called the “Our Regional Project to Support Youth’s Right Dream.”

We provide career education and job experience programs to help young people who are preparing for the future.

We plan to provide opportunities for career experience with quality programs for young people.


Scholarship Program

Children, adolescents and young people with infinite potential are the future of Korea.

Plantynet helps students with academic performance by providing scholarships for elementary, middle and high school students and college students so that they won't give up their studies for financial reasons.

We will continue to pay attention to the support of education welfare so that everyone can
have equal educational opportunities and develop future possibilities.

Medical Support

Plantynet is working on providing medical expenses for children, adolescents and adults as Plantynet dreams a world where there are no neighbors who give up treatment or have difficulties due to medical expenses.

Plantynet supports the medical expenses for leukemia patients and deaf children and provide medical expenses for children whom suffer from various diseasea through univerity hospitals and business agreements.

We will continue to extend our warm hands so that these people can become a healthy member of soceity after a complete recovery.

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